Subsystem Summary:

The structural subsystem is responsible for the design of the physical layout of the satellite and the verification of its structural integrity. To achieve a functional design the subsystem uses CAD software to develop digital models of the system and is in constant communication with the rest of the team to assure that their needs are covered. To verify the structural integrity of the system the subsystem utilizes the Finite Element Method, to create a digital twin of the structure and analyze its behavior under the external loads applies to it during the launch. The subsystem also develops prototypes to prove the functionality of the design and has a very active role in the designing and planning of test campaigns for the qualification of the satellite.

Position Description:

A structural engineer is expected to:

  • Design functional systems while considering the complex constraints of a space mission using 3D CAD software
  • Run static and dynamic simulations using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to verify the structural integrity of the nanosatellite
  • Develop prototypes to prove the functionality of the design concept with 3D printing
  • Assist in the planning of testing campaigns and design the vibration tests required to qualify the nanosatellite and its components

Required Skills:

  • Good undersatnding of statics and dynamic of structures
  • Knowledge of the Finite Element Theory
  • Ability to provide practical and reliable design solutions
  • Familiarity with commercial CAD software
  • Familiarity with commercial FEA software
  • Experience with materials and tooling

Preferred Skills:

  • Available to work with a strong sense of commitment and responsibility
  • Capable of working well in multidisciplinary groups of peers
  • Ability to design and execute a research agenda
  • Ability to speak and write in English fluently and idiomatically
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