Subsystem Summary:

The Attitude Determination and Control subsystem (ADCS) is the navigational core of AcubeSAT. Not only is it responsible for stabilizing AcubeSAT for the safety of the spacecraft, but it also handles determining and controlling its attitude in orbit for establishing a reliable downlink with the Ground Station.

Position Description:

As an ADCS Software Engineer, you will be given the opportunity to

  • Contribute to the development, testing and maintenance of the ADCS Software architecture and development.
  • Experience how control and determination algorithms are implemented at a software and hardware level.
  • Design a platform dedicated to spacecraft dynamics, seamlessly integrating components such as sensor fusion, control algorithms, orbit propagators, and rotation matrices for both simulation and real-time tests.
  • Get to play around with a Helmholtz Cage and use it to conduct tests on the satellite hardware and attitude determination and control algorithms.

Preferred Skills:

Our goal is to study, learn, develop and fly our own satellite. If you have a working spirit, time to spend, patience and are in search of personal progress, come and meet us! This position is entry level, thus the skillset below is optional.

  • Experience with embedded programming in C/C++
  • Familiarity with microcontrollers (e.g. based on ARM or Arduino)
  • Familiarity with control theory
  • Experience with communication protocols (UART, I2C, SPI, CAN) is a plus but not necessary
  • Passion for understanding and composing automatic control systems
  • Curiosity on understanding and practice space engineering principles

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