Position Overview:

The Marketing team works in the shadows to support the team creatively, socially, and financially. Behind each social media outreach post, one will find a marketing team member who curated the text and created the graphics with the power of their keyboard. Behind each presentation, one will find a marketing team member who designed the template. Behind each outreach event, one will find a marketing team member who engineered the brochures and infographics to deliver the team’s impactful message. Come to the dark side; we have Photoshop and Illustrator.

Some characteristics of the ideal Marketing Subsystem member:

  • Creativity
  • Writing Skills
  • Fluency in both Greek and English
  • Organization and Time Management skills
  • Attention to Detail

Any of the below are a plus:

Prior experience in handling Social Media for teams or organizations

Proper use of the Oxford comma

About the position:

Have you deleted a post because the photo was not centered properly although you were the only one who noticed? Do you proofread every meme you create more than 10 times to make sure it makes sense? Do you spot a double space from miles away? Is your lifelong wish to become an influencer? If yes, apply for this position. If no, keep reading and we may change your mind.

Join us in executing a multi-media outreach combat plan that will deliver the message of SpaceDot and AcubeSAT in a clear and efficient manner. Our Social Media approach revolves around 3 main axes:

Promoting the team’s activities to the general public, by delivering scientific notions in an appealing, comprehensible, and coherent way, in both Greek and English.

Documenting the progress and importance of our mission in order to establish solid collaborations with organizations and enterprises that will assist us in realizing our dreams.

Creating space-related scientific, historical, and cultural content that will invite the most inquiring minds and reveal the multifaceted appeal of Space.

In a few words, we want nice posts and clear messages.


Join Marketing and let the voice of SpaceDot be heard through the power of your words!

Note: The Social Media, Graphic Design, and Fund Raising positions are neither mutually exclusive nor destined for one recruit each! Rather, they represent all different types of work performed in the subsystem.

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