Subsystem Summary:

On-Board Software is responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining software for the embedded systems of the satellite. Its goal is to ensure high quality in both software architecture and implementation, while ensuring compliance with popular safety standards that these kinds of systems depend on.

As a DevOps Engineer you will be responsible for maintaining and expanding our infrastructure, contributing to our modular architecture and ensuring that our pipelines are always up and running.

Position Description:

  • Infrastructure development on build system level
  • Code reviews
  • Satellite software development in C/C++
  • CI/CD pipeline maintenance

Required Skills:

  • Ability to work in a group and independently
  • Willingness to learn
  • Capable of analytical thinking and researching new fields
  • Good English written and oral skills
  • Not afraid of taking initiative

Preferred Skills:

  • Git workflow knowledge
  • Knowledge of programming languages (mainly C/C++, Python)
  • Experience with Docker and Gitlab CI/CD
  • Experience with Hardware in a Loop setups
  • Experience with CMake, Make, Conan and AFL++
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