Thermal Engineer

Thermal Engineer

Position Description
Subsystem Summary:

The Thermal subsystem is responsible for ensuring that the satellite’s components shall not exceed their operating and non-operating temperatures. In order to calculate these temperatures and the material’s acceptable thermal ranges, thermal analyses take place through software, as well as thermal tests, which are executed by conditioning the satellite under various thermal stresses.

Position Description:

A Thermal Engineer is expected to perform:

  • Research on the appropriate active and passive thermal control for various crucial components, such as the payload
  • Communication with companies able to provide these types of thermal control
  • Define the necessary thermal requirements of the satellite
  • Construct a mathematical model of the satellite on which they will be able to perform various thermal analyses
  • Construct and run various necessary thermal tests in order to optimize the current thermal design
Preferred Skills:
  • Knowledge in Heat Transfer Theory
  • Knowledge in Materials Science and Technology
  • Knowledge in Automatic and Digital Control
  • Knowledge in Finite Elements(or any other Discretization method for numerically solving differential equations)
  • Experience in designing mathematical models and in running simulations
  • Experience in constructing a test set up and measuring relevant parameters
  • Knowledge of thermal active and passive insulations