Space Debris Analyst

Space Debris Analyst

Position Description
Subsystem Summary:

The Trajectory subsystem is responsible for analysing the desired orbit for the mission. Choosing the optimal orbit for the satellite is a crucial factor for a successful mission. Therefore the goal of the Trajectory subsystem is the search for the optimal orbit that fits the mission requirements. We are simulating the analysis using scientific software and generating insights about the status of our spacecraft while in orbit, while working with a wide array of inputs ranging from eclipse durations to rocket launch opportunities. Furthermore, the Subsystem has also other portfolios such us Space Debris and Space Environment Definition.

Position Description:

The surge of space missions over the last decades has increased the space debris in Low Earth Orbit. Therefore it is crucial that our satellite meets the requirements and regulations to prevent the exponential growth of space debris. A space debris analyst is responsible for the safety of the satellite in orbit and after its mission ends. Thus, with the use of scientific software such as DRAMA they simulate the probability of collision with other space objects. Also, with the use of SARA they are able to determine if a re-entry event will occur making sure that the satellite will be destroyed in Earth’s atmosphere. As a space debris analyst you will:

  • Use scientific software
  • Get comfortable with the space regulations and requirements.
  • Be able to fulfill the requirements for the AcubeSAT mission
  • Cooperate with all the subsystem and meet their needs
Preferred Skills:

Some technical knowledge is desirable in this position that will help for a better integration in the subsystem, such as:

  • Knowledge of Theoretical Mechanics
  • Knowledge of Numerical Analysis
  • Experience in programming

Apart from the technical skills that would be useful for the position, it should be mentioned that the applicant is part of a team, therefore some social skills are desirable:

  • Ability to tackle multi-dimensional problems effectively
  • Ability to cooperate efficiently in a team environment.
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