ESA Academy’s Earth Observation Remote Sensing Workshop 2018 | Mary Georgousi

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ESA Academy’s Earth Observation Remote Sensing Workshop 2018 | Mary Georgousi

[DISCLAIMER: This post was created while AcubeSAT was under the A.S.A.T. team. Since 15.01.2021, the AcubeSAT project is part of SpaceDot.]

Mary Georgousi, member of a CubeSat team, participated in an ESA Academy’s workshop during the second week of December 2018. She is happy to share her knowledge and experience!

“Taking part in ESA Academy’s first ever organised Earth Observation Remote Sensing Workshop was an amazing experience full of knowledge and memories! Held by the ESA Education Office ESEC-Galaxia, Transinne, in the south of Belgium, from 10 to 15 of December 2018, this workshop offered to another 29 Master and PhD students the opportunity to analyse data mainly from satellites
belonging to the Copernicus Programme, and learn how to construct, and interpret Earth images and maps.

All the organizers and trainers succeeded in sharing their love and expertise with us. The lectures and practical parts, that lasted 8 hours each day, contained a great amount of fully detailed theoretical material, as well as the usage of dedicated programs to analyse data, showing us as well how to access free real satellite data online. Students could work alone or in groups, and took an evaluation test the last day, giving them, that way, the opportunity to claim ECTS credits.

Among the many things I gained through my participation, I eagerly recall our visit to ESA’s ESEC-Redu site, on the fourth day. We got close to many large radio-antennas, that receive radio signals from many satellites of different kind, and we even witnessed, from the control
room, the process of sending telecommands and receiving telemetry in raw data format from the PROBA-V satellite, in real time!

During the coffee and lunch breaks, and our stay to the “Val-de-Poix Hotel”, in the picturesque village of Poix-Saint-Hubert, we made good friends, exchanged opinions and ideas, and got familiar with being part of a multicultural society, sharing the same passion and dreams.

At the end of my stay in Belgium, alongside with the end of the workshop, I felt grateful for this chance to gain new ideas and inspiration for my future studies. Flying back home, I made myself a promise: I will definitely take part in similar courses, and visit ESA again!”

If you would like, in turn, to participate to an ESA Academy training sessions, check-out this link ( You can sign-up to the newsletter and also search for current training opportunities

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